Frequently Asked Questions.

Will someone contact me after I place my order?

Yes, we will call you to confirm your order. If you order any of the Options,  we will confirm the placement of these options.  For example, if you order a 24″ overhang and shelves, we will call to confirm the placement of both.

Do I need a permit?

This varies depending on 3 things: Portable v. Permanent; where you are located; and the size shed you are considering. Our Sheds are Portable. If on a cement pad, or with cemented posts, it is now Permanent. This can make a difference in the permit process. Lastly, most areas have a square footage limitation. For example, you could be allowed a shed up to 200 square feet without a permit. This would be a 10′ x 20′. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the building is permitted in the intended location. We strongly recommend verifying your installation by contacting your Home Owners Association and the local Building Department. If drawings, schematics or additional information is necessary, please give us a call, we’re here to help.

How do I prepare the site?

Generally,  all we need is a level area.  Our sheds sit on treated 4×4 skids that run the length of the shed.  If a wet area, or not level, you may want to get gravel.  We will put shims under the shed to level it, but this will increase the step up into the shed floor.

Does the shed need to sit on a concrete slab?

No. If you want to have a cement floor, we can build your shed on site.

Does the site need to be level?

The site does not need to be level. However, the more level, the better.  Our standard wood shed will sit on treated 4×4 skids;  it is a step up onto the floor.  If we have to level the shed, it will increase the height to the floor.

Can I choose the location of the doors and windows?

Yes.  Keep in mind that the Standard Barn Style has 4 foot sidewalls, so  you are limited to the front and rear walls only. For all other styles, you can place these on any wall.

How long until my shed is delivered?

If the shed is in Inventory, we can get the shed to you within 1-2 weeks.  If we are building you a shed, the delivery time can range from 3-4 weeks on average.  Early and Late in the Season this can be 1-2 weeks; and as long as 4-6 weeks during our Peak Season.

Where can I see your sheds?

We have our Sheds in various locations: in South Glenwood Springs – on Hwy 82, across from the Habitat Restore;   in Craig, CO (East side of Town), on Hwy 40 , near the Seasoned Brisket;  the  Elk River Pet and Ranch in Steamboat Springs;  Rangely – True Value; and Fullmer’s Ace Hardware in Gunnison.

Will the skids decay?

No. We can put the sheds directly on the ground.  All of our sheds are on treated skids.

How tall is the shed inside?

The Heights of the sheds will vary depending on two things:  the Style shed, and the Width of the shed.   The Standard Barn, Ranch, and Lean-to will all be approximately 9 feet and 10 feet to the peak, if a 8′ or 10′ wide shed.  The Loft Style shed is approximately 3 feet taller.  We can make any shed taller or shorter.  Call for Assistance.

What do you charge to move an existing shed?

We do move sheds.   If they were made by us, we charge less than if mady by someone else.   Our fees start at $250.    Call for Assistance.

Can I rent a shed? For how long?

Yes.   We can rent a shed to you short term or long term.  We do charge for delivery and pickup for our rental sheds.

Can you build a custom size shed?

Yes.   This is our Specialty.  Generally, we do prefer even numbers for the Length and Width.  We build up to 14 feet wide.  Call for Assistance.

Can I wire the shed for electricity?

Yes.   You can wire the shed; put plumbing in it, etc.  We do not offer this service.

How do I know if you can drive the shed to where I want it?

We like plenty of room. Allow for 2 feet along each side of the shed and 12 feet height clearance. Taller if a Loft Style shed.    Additionally, we need to be able to drive to the location.  If you can not drive to the location, chances are that we cannot either.

Can I get my shed insulated?

Yes. This is one Option that we can provide for an additional cost.  If you do order a shed from us, you may want to insulate the floor, as this will be difficult to get to.  The walls and roof will be just like a house; with studs that you can insulate between. Call for Assistance.

What other options can I get?

We offer many Options that are not listed, that we can provide. These include:  Double Pane Windows; an Insulated Man Door;  Roll-up Doors; and other types of Siding. Call for Assistance.

What is the smallest size? What is the largest size?

We can build you any size you would like up to 14 feet wide and any size in the Length.  Call for Assistance.

Can I provide my my own shingles? or match my existing shingles?

Yes you can or you can provide a sample of your shingle and we will match it as close as possible

Can I get a metal roof?

Yes, this is one of the options we offer.

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