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All wood sheds made by Shed City USA include Free Delivery in our delivery area.  There will be times when we  will need to charge you , simply based on where you are.  We need a 12′ wide opening minimum to back our truck through. Do Not purchase a Shed in Inventory if we cannot drive the shed in fully built.   In addition, we need adequate overhead clearance. If you have any questions,  please call us at 800-98-SHEDS or 1-970-963-0679 to discuss.  
6' x 10' Ranch Style wood shed - In Craig.$2,915.00
8' x 8' Ranch Style shed in Rangely$2,780.00 $2,650.00
10' x 12' Ranch Style wood shed with a Metal Roof. In Glenwood Springs$4,364.00
10' x 12' Ranch Style wood shed with Metal Roof. In Craig$4,224.00
10' x 12' Loft Style wood shed. In Craig$7,045.00
10' x 14' Loft Style wood shed in Glenwood Springs$6,611.00
10' x 16' Ranch style wood shed. In Glenwood Springs.$5,256.00
10' x 16' Loft Style wood shed. In Craig.$7,845.00
10' x 16' Loft Style wood shed. In Glenwood Springs$7,050.00
12' x 14' Custom Ranch Style wood shed. In Craig$14,500.00
10' x 20' Split Loft Style wood shed. In Craig$12,280.00


Can these sheds in Inventory be painted or stained?

The sheds with SmartPanel or DuraTemp can be painted and the sheds with T-111 siding can be stained or painted.  Some sheds in Inventory are already painted or stained. 

can you add additional options to the sheds in Inventory?

No. These Inventory sheds are sold as built.   Order a shed and we will custom build it for you. Call 970-963-0679

Where can these sheds be delivered to?

Basically the Western Slope of Colorado. Some restrictions apply. Please call us at 1-970-963-0679 to discuss. 

is there a cost for delivery?

Delivery is Free to the Western Slope. Some restrictions apply. Please call us  to discuss the cost to deliver where you are located. If possible, we will accommodate you!  


Where can I see your sheds?

We have our sheds in multiple locations.  See our Sheds in Glenwood Springs at the W. Glenwood Mall;  in Steamboat Springs at the Elk River Pet/Ranch;  in Craig on  Hwy 40 on the East side of Town AND ALSO IN:  Rangely, and Gunnison. Call us for the address. 970-963-0679 

How quickly can i get a shed in Inventory?

In most cases, we can get you a shed that is in Inventory within 2 weeks.  

Can I rent or lease a shed in inventory?

Yes. Call us for a quote.  We can rent month-to-month, or do a Lease Agreement over 3, 6, or 12 months. 

If i do not see what i want in inventory, what should i do.

Call Shed City USA to make you a shed, Custom Made!  We will build you a shed to your exact specifications and deliver it typically within 3-4 weeks. You can order on this website or call 970-963-0679.

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