Permanent Wood Garage – Not as Pictured



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Step 1 - Siding required

Smartpanel is our standard siding.


$791 - $1581

$1977 - $3954

Step 2 - Shingles required

Your choice of shingle color

Light Brown

Dark Brown

Charcoal Grey


Forest Green

No shingles, Metal Roof, price will be calculated when you select metal roof

Step 3 - Metal Roof

Propanel metal roof available in these color: White, Tan, Ash Gray, Charcoal Gray, Hunter Green, Brown, Dark Brown, Brite Red, Rustic Red, Galvanized. We will call you and confirm color of metal roof.

Bright White
$711 - $1423

$711 - $1423

Ash Gray
$711 - $1423

$711 - $1423

Hunter Green
$711 - $1423

$711 - $1423

Dark Brown
$711 - $1423

Bright Red
$711 - $1423

Rustic Red
$711 - $1423

$711 - $1423

Step 4 - Double Doors

Need a wider opening add double doors.

Step 5 - 2 x 2 Window

For natural light in your shed, add a window or two.

Step 6 - 3 x 3 Window

For natural light in your shed, add a window or two.

Step 7 - 12 inch Deep Wood Shelving

Add wood shelving to your shed to help keep things off the floor and organized. Comes in three different width’s.

Step 8 - 16 inch Deep Wood Shelving

Add wood shelving to your shed to help keep things off the floor and organized. Comes in three different width’s.

Step 9 - Vent

Add a vent for more air circulation.

Step 10 - Horizontal Siding
Step 11 - Paint or Stain
Step 12 - 12 inch Overhang

The standard overhang is 3″ to 4″. Add an 12″ overhang for both utility and appearance.

Step 13 - 24 Inch Overhang

The standard overhang is 3″ to 4″. Add a 24″ overhang for both utility and appearance.

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The Permanent Wood Garage features a standard gable roof design. No wood floor included; this will sit on your cement slab.  (Not as Pictured)

The Permanent Wood Garage comes with a 8×6.5 garage door, a 3×3 window and one 3′ man door.   We can build you something smaller, larger, shorter, or taller.  Simply call for a quote.

Of course, you can add Windows, Vents,  Steel doors, Shelves, painting, etc. and can place them where you would like.

You can either Order Online or Call Us to Order. We can discuss with you all the options in detail. We want you to be completely satisfied with our sheds and our service.

Make this easy – call to order. 1-800-987-4337 or 970-963-0679.


  • Customer provides a cement slab
  • Price may vary depending on your location for the OH door installation
  • 2″ x 4″ floor joists 12″ OC
  • 2″ x 4″ wall studs, 16″ OC
  • 2″ x 4″ roof joists, 24″ OC
  • Man door width: 3′
  • Hinges, commercial type with heavy-duty screws
  • Door lock & key
  • Siding:  Smart-Panel wood siding with vertical grooves
  • Sidewall: 8 feet
  • Peak Height: 10′ wide – 10’2″; 12′ wide – 10’6″
  • Roof shingles: light brown, dark brown, charcoal gray, black, forest green, white
  • Free delivery in our service area
  • Primed, ready to paint

There are also several other options and services that we provide. Please call us about the following:


  • T111 siding with vertical grooves (25% more of basic shed price)  This is our Most Rustic Siding.
  • DuraTemp siding with vertical grooves  (10% more of basic shed price)
  • Put the siding on Horizontally  (5% more of basic shed price)
  • ProPanel metal roof (call for quote)
  • Adding Additional Windows – choice of size;  Steel man doors, etc.
  • Paint shed the color of your choice (10% of basic shed price)   The Customer supplies the paint / brushes.
  • 12″ deep wood shelves ($8.00 per linear foot)
  • 16″ deep wood shelves ($12 per linear foot)
  • 12″ roof overhang ($12 per linear foot)
  • 24″ roof overhang ($20.00 per linear foot)

If you would like a garage with any of the above options please call us at 1-800-987-4337 to order your garage over the phone.

We use the SmartPanel Siding on most of our sheds.

SmartPanel vs. DuraTemp Exterior Siding

Your shed comes with either SmartPanel or DuraTemp exterior siding. What is the difference between SmartPanel and DuraTemp exterior siding?

SmartPanel is an engineered wood product that helps resist moisture because each wood strand is individually treated with advanced binders and wax. Plus, each panel is treated throughout with a zinc borate-based process to help resist fungal decay and termite damage. On the backside, each panel has an overlay that gives the inside of your shed a premium appearance that you can be proud of.

SmartPanel comes with a 5/50 Year Limited Warranty. A 5 year 100% Labor and Replacement Feature as well as a 50 year pro-rated limited warranty on substrate. Go to Louisiana Pacific’s website for complete warranty details, and additional information on their SmartPanel siding.

DuraTemp is a plywood siding with a 1/8″ Douglas Fir wood composite face. It looks natural, resists dents, checks and cracks. It is inherently stronger, lighter and more durable than engineered wood sidings, and provides a low-maintenance, easy to paint surface. Our Duratemp-sided structures are constructed with Duratemp plywood siding. It’s a great product and the most economical siding choice. It is always 100% free and clear of patches.

It is a genuine plywood siding with a tempered hardboard face. It resists rain, sun, dents, blisters and lifting grain. DuraTemp carries a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty. It is pre-primed and ready to paint.

Notes on Delivery:  This is built on-site on the customers cement pad.  The customer is responsible to attain Permits, HOA Approval, etc.   Please call us at 1-800-987-4337 if you have any questions.


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